CHP’s goals for the last 25 years have been to share a sense of peace with many Cincinnati families. Families who were at risk, caught in the rent cycle and living paycheck to paycheck, now are living their dream of stability, of first time home ownership.

For the last 25 years, CHP has also helped revitalize neighborhoods in Cincinnati. Neighborhoods that were at risk, which had been forgotten, are now success stories for economic growth and rehabilitation.

CHP rehabs neglected homes in a multitude of Cincinnati communities and brings them back up to code and modernizes their amenities.

CHP builds new homes on once vacant lots in many Cincinnati neighborhoods.

CHP works with Cincinnati families and partners with them every step of the way during the home purchasing process.

Every home that we build or rehab and sell contributes to the quality of life in neighborhoods around the City of Cincinnati.

These results motovate our efforts:
– Stable familites require less public assistance
– Quality housing increases the tax base
– Children from owner-occupied homes finish school
– Parents who own homes vote and volunteer in their communities
– Social capital in communities is growing stronger